I’m sorry to make you the way you are. I know you could be much better, but you’re not. I think I’m one of any causes of your current condition. I’m lying if I say ‘I don’t mean it’. Yes, I really do. I was thinking that both of us wanna do all the things we’ve done together. But I’m sure it ruined everything. Your precious time and thought wasted for nothing.

I’ve seen that you’re too hard to be fixed, and it makes me down. Seems like the things I’ve said mean nothing to you. Me, sitting here and stay in the dark, looking at your repeating crap. I know you already knew everything you do. I see you enjoy every step and word that you sold.

I surely think that this is my last edge. I pass it through and I’ll die. So, I’m sorry, I can’t help you any further. I hope you could fight on your feet and change on your own power. Either do I.

If there any chance to make it better, without we work altogether, I’ll do my best whatever that matter. But it’s too late, isn’t it? I have many dreams to reach. I have a lot of meaningful word to speak. May be I can do more for my future without you to be peek.

However, it’s all about choice. One thing for sure, I can’t do more about you. I can’t hold any longer of helping you.

All I wanna say right now is: GOOD BYE and KEEP MOVING! I’ll change my self on my own feet, and I’ll step up with my own hand. I hope you either do.