Another chance comes to my eyes. It’s only six feet before my arm. I can touch and even enfold it as completely as my soul, if I have one. The door could be easily closed, the windows are ready to shut down, and i need only one small grace move to do it all.

This chance really means a lot to me. I’ve been waiting for so long to make it being true. After my praise night over night, with doses of blinding patience, it comes straight to my face finally. But now, I just can’t stand and run straight to grab it.

It comes in the wrong time and in the wrong circumstances. It’s too risk for my faint heart after all treatment I’ve done so far. It feels like sweet nothing tries to left a fingerprint on my head, so it could keep me safe while i walk around with my crazy mind.

This patience is less remain, and my rationality reaches the last edge. I have to decide what I’m gonna do next, whether I take it or leave it behind. Then it turns to be a part of my life history, don’t know is it awesome or awful to my future.

The night creeps slowly to its end, my body starts to take my soul’s place. Meanwhile, my consciousness flies away for any second. I hope it will be back soon and wake me up from this very moment. So I can stand up once again to face the horrible real world, and fighting one more time with every part of my life.

Good night days……