Interpol, an international police organization, is facing a big problem. One of its prisoners, Mas Selamat Kastari, is running away out of jail. He had been captivated in Singapore before, in a high level guardian of the Singapore’s security forces.

Mas Selamat is one of the commanders of the Jemaah Islamiyah (a terrorist organization who has relationship with al-Qaida). He is suspected for planning hijack a plane in Singapore international airport. Jean-Michel Louboutin, the Interpol’s chief police services, said that Mas Selamat is the one who has potential to spread dangers to other people.

The Singapore government reported about the way Mas Selamat escaped. He had been taken out of his cell to another room for a family appointment. While he was waiting for his family, he succeed run away when he was going to the washroom. By this action, Interpol warned all of member states to pay attention to this fugitive more intensively.

The Interpol predicts that he would pass to Indonesia which he has more connections and also organization who will protect him from the police forces. There are some ways for Mas Selamat to escape to Indonesia such as by land, air or sea track. Based on that assumption, Interpol and Indonesia government try to make tight protection more than usual.

They placed security personnel in some spot which potential to be entrance point to Indonesia. About 500 policemen were placed at Batam, the nearest island of Indonesia to Singapore. Furthermore, to prevent the escape by sea track, policemen with jet skis was placed at the small islands around of Batam Island. In Singapore, security personnel swiped the forest to find the fugitive.