Learning is very important for all people to get the knowledge. There are many ways to learn such as distance learning by online computer and classroom meeting. In current modern era when the knowledge grows very quickly, I think it will be better if distance learning replaces classroom learning because of some possible reasons.

In the online computer class, students could join into the university in different hometown or even different country without come in there directly. By doing this, students who want to get overseas study do not need to go abroad. So they do not have to pay more. For example, if I want to study to USA I do not need to go and live in there. It will be cheaper than if I have to study and live in there which is an absolute  requirement for classroom learning in overseas study.

Distance learning also could make the study more efficient, especially for people who also working at the same time. They could finish their study without leaving their job because they do not need to leave their hometown where they are working. In contrast, classroom learning requires the students to go to the class directly. So if the students have occupation in the different town or country they should put it off. Even if they may not to leave their occupation, they will have more time to travel from one town or country to another. This is not efficient.

Furthermore, by online learning, students could arrange time to study as well as they want. They could synchronize their time to study with many other activities. So they are still doing study as well as they can do another activity.

In conclusion, distance learning has more benefits than classroom learning. It could be cheaper because students could save more money. It also could give more time to study and work at the same time for working people. Last, students who study via online could arrange their own schedule. Finally, it can be implied that distance learning could better replace classroom learning.