The central government of Indonesia has a plan to build a Nuclear Power Station in Mount Muria. This nuclear project named Ujung Lemah Abang Nuclear Power Station has planned by B.J Habibie, the Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia at 1990s. At the present, this project is refused by the local resident by holding a demonstration. About 3.000 people involved in this act.

The demonstration they have just held is the fourth since last year. It means they have done the same action before. Different from the past, they tried to block the nuclear project facility by building a wall currently, a real eight meters wall. To realize it, they got many trucks containing sand, cement, brick and water. It shows how serious they are refusing it.

Many people involved to this action, including local chief, students or even a legislator. They moved together in a line to safe their land, because they thought that the project would ruin their life. For example, Darul Hasyimfath, a philosophy student of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta who is also a local resident, followed-up the demonstration. He involved in giving knowledge to the local about how dangerous the nuclear is. There is also Mufid Busyairi, a legislator of the National Awakening Party (PKB), and Suwanto, the Balong village chief.

However, this action has been held in peace. The local chief made a strong emphasis to protester to obey the law while he requested to the central government to cancel the project. Finally, according to the report, there is no victim in this action and neither to the past action.

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