People say that Islam can’t be understood by science. Yesterday, my friend sent me short massages. She is Postgraduate student in University of Dr Soetomo (Unitomo-Surabaya), first semester. She said that her lecture just explained about Humanistic Theory. There is no objective absolute truth in this world. Everything is relative. Human is the one who make name for everything and they are free to do that. That’s why everyone may give any interpretation to everything. There is only conventions, made by people themselves.Then, how about religion?

The lecture said that religion is not about logic. It’s about your faith. If you want to believe it, you do it. But if you don’t, just leave it behind you. So, don’t try to understand the religion with your logic or science. It makes the religion more complicated to understood.

We can see that the lecturer, with the theory he has taught, makes Islam (as our religion) faraway from its people. Moslem (especially the students of that college) can be influenced with this statement. Finally, we will have more Moslem Scholars, but they make Islam faraway from science and knowledge.

We have to concern because this phenomenon happened in Education Institute. I don’t know how, but may be they forgot with the verse of Koran in al-Baqarah:
‘Inna fii khalqis samawati wa al-ardh’, wakhtilaafi al-layli wa an-nahaara, la ayati li ulil albaabun’ (In the creation of the sky and earth, the rotation of day and night, there are the signs of God’s Greatfull, for the people who think).

We can also see in another verses, so many verses, that tell to Moslems for thinking about everything such as earth, bees, land and sea, branchs of trees, the animals, even about His Characters. It makes our faith stronger, so we can get a greatfull spirit and motivation to develop our society. Make it better day by day, beyond the damages.

May be the lecturer also forgot about the history of Islam. Ibnu Khaldun created social theories, the concept of Islamic state and the concepts of general society. Ibnu Sina (known as Avicenna) with his theory of theology, philosophy, and medicine. Aljabar (Algebra) taught math in easier method than Rome’s method. The histories show us that Islam is intellegible enough by science. Furthermore, we can say that Islam can’t be truly understood without science.

Moslems who agree with the lecture’s statement are victims and subject at the same time. They make another moslems walk away from science, being secularist, and fghting for it. So, we have to be concern, and carefull, with every statement about Islam. It doesn’t mean we must stay away and take a space with Islamic dialogues, or call some different opinions about Islam as a Fake easily, just like what’s happening around us right now.

Differences are just fine. We shouldn’t refuse it all. We’re living in many differences. What we have to do is keep thinking, trying to find the truth by learning Islam further. With Koran and the history of Islam, and related science, we will always find the truth. And don’t forget, Be an Objective One!!!