It’s me and my friends, Aris and Rudy. This picture’s taken when we having pleasure time in JaTim Park. Take a walk is our once in a year moment. Actually, we do it not only in three, but in a big number of my friends. I can’t upload all photos because the capacity is limited.

Anyway, the night before the pleasure walk, we always sit and talk together each other, known as Silaturahmi. Oh, I forget one thing. We always do this one or two weeks after Eid ul-Fitr. You can imagine how great it is. Not only for pleasure, it can make our fellowship stronger than before.

For last 2 years, we spend the time in JaTim Park. But for me it’s the third. However, I always enjoy this moment. So, I have no excuse to refuse it. And I’m really sorry for my friends who can’t coming to this moment. We always miss you all. I hope you can join us for next Silaturahmi.