Nowadays, world see Islam in many faces and many forms. Some of them say that Islam is pluralism. Others say Islam as a fanatic religion. And more the others don’t interest to Islam, and see it as a big errors of humanity. They made their own opinion based to Islam in fact, or some little literatures from Koran and Hadith.

Most ulama’ (or Islamic Scientists) or even most people studying Islam by their own view. Some of them try to understand Islam by Scientific Method, and the others understanding Islam by general perspective. Unfortunately, most of them always trapped by public opinion. And so they do Islam as the will of the opinion.

As we know that Islam was called or known as a terrorist religion. Islam is an idea which want its men fight for ‘the holy battle’. And a battle suddenly seems like a crime of humanity and liberty.

In those conditions, we see how bit the careness of many moslem generations is. Many of them prefer to live in hedonism and liberalism. We can see everyday around us, in television shows, bars, night clubs, til many individual habits such as free sex, get drunk, and having their life just like water: flows with no destination.

The worse, they proud of those life styles. Most of them don’t feel comfort with the rules of Islam. Rules are making their life ‘unhappy’. Sex is better than pray. Party is greater than fasting. Romancing is more delicious than studying Islam. Those are customs in our generations. Insufficient that way, the people around us, by structural policy or customs of society, supporting the growth of those destructions. To appreciate it, many competition of beauty, life style, sexy body, and such another things being greatly developed. It makes our generation loose their vision of Islamic life. They want to be the winner in those competitions, and be the man who have high popularity and glamour life. Be the leader in the liberalism.

To stop the growth of Islam, they cut the main vision of Islam before it reach the youngs. By creating opinion about Islam such as: Islam is ‘free’, Islam don’t put its men in the locked box named rule, don’t fanatic too much to Islam, fanatism is bad, Islam is pluralism, and another kind of opinions about Islam itself. By the way, they succeed making moslem generations disloyal to their religion.

When the young ‘fights’ with their self, the Islamic Scientists (or known as ‘ulama’) ‘fights’ each other to find the real Islam. We can also see how much perspectives and sight views to find the real Islam. It results richness of knowledge in Islam itself. But I believe in one pre-assumption: Islam is a scientific religion. I means that Islam is always can be justified with science and knowledge. Nothing will interfere between Islam and science. Allah said in al-Isra’ 36:

Don’t follow anything that you know nothing about it. You’ll be asked for your ear, your sight and your mind.

I don’t say that a ‘fight’ is wrong. I support every work to learn and searching Islam, including debate, discussion, scientifically dialog and another kind of works, to get a true understanding about it. We have to appreciate every differences in Islam. Fighting to find the right truth is far more excellent than peace but we know not the truth. The way to appreciate it is by getting in to that finding, pick one the most justifiable, and try to do it in our whole life beside we keep learning and studying more and more about Islam. Don’t close your mind. Don’t be ashabiyah (a blind loyalty in the name of organzation). You may follow an open mind organization. Because there is one principle that we have to hold it in our mind that every idea of us about Islam should be depending on a logic explanation and argumentation. With that, we can show the universality of Islam. And every people in every corner of the world, will know what a great is Islam.

As we know in one of hadiths that if our ijtihad is true, we’ll get 2 points from Allah. But if it’s false, we still get one. So, ijtihad to find and searching about the real Islam is one of things that all moslems have to do. It’s the way to show our care to Islam. Stop making negative opinions about Islam before we prove it scientifically. And we have to concern to every moslem that have no scientifically justified arugmentation in their faith of Islam. Because faith is not about believing only, but also proving. One day in our next life, all of us will be asked about our faith and why we believe it. We see too much moslems without logic in their faith are destroyed by the enemies of Islam.

This is my prelude only. Every item in this article will be explained one by one by me, later. So, let’s learn and alive for Islam!!!